Theresa Gavarone, State Senator (2nd District) for Erie County, Ottawa County, Wood County and a portion of Lucas and Fulton Counties, visited Vermilion on Monday, October 7, 2019. Gavarone met with Vermilion officials and Erie County commissioner Matt Old to discuss a proposed project to redevelop the Main Street Beach property. A tentative plan seeks to expand green space and parking, and add a public restroom and changing facility.

"She said she was excited to spend time in Vermilion with Mayor Forthofer to see Vermilion’s beautiful lakeshore property and enjoyed a wonderful meal," stated Steve Herron, President of Council. "She also enjoyed the Woollybear Festival. She told council they could reach out to her at any time."

Gavarone presented Mayor Forthofer with a President’s Letter from the Ohio Senate for receiving the 2019 Visionary Leadership Award from ECEDC. Mayor Forthofer thanked Senator Gavarone for making her presence known in the City of Vermilion. He said it’s refreshing when State Representatives come into your district asking what they can do for us.

Mayor Forthofer is requesting funding from the state to help subsidize the Main Street Beach project. He stated they are talking about state help and Senator Gavarone is "all ears and willing to help, and the City is very grateful in having Senator Gavarone working for Vermilion."