At the Health & Safety Committee Meeting On October 21, 2019, Police Chief Hartung reported that on October 1 the department responded to a sexual assault on Cummings Road. The Vermilion Police Department (VPD) has additional lab testing that they’re waiting for with regards to the DNA. They received some preliminary results and further additional testing, so the Chief is limited as to what he can talk about on this case.

Chief Hartung stated he tries to avoid the local social media pages, but there are some individuals who are perpetuating a notion that the victim in this crime made it up, which is an inaccurate statement. The VPD is anticipating a 20-day turnaround for the results, so hopefully within about 13 days they should have some additional information. They are reviewing tips as they have received about 40 to 50 of them.

Per the pending investigation, he’s limited on what he can get into on this case. However, once they get more information, they will release it.