The City of Vermilion Police Department (VPD) is warning Vermilion residents that once again there is a rise in vehicle entry thefts throughout the City. These thefts are occurring in the middle of the night in various neighborhoods, most recently VOL and the Indian Ridge Estates neighborhood, over the last few nights.

The Police Department is aware of a video circulating on Facebook of the suspect in the Indian Ridge thefts. According to the Police Department, the suspect in the video tries the doors on several vehicles and only makes entry to the UNLOCKED vehicles.

“He does not break a window, which would be loud and potentially set off a car alarm,” stated VPD. “He does not use some type of device to open the cars, which takes time. When he encounters a locked car, he simply moves on.”

So, the best advice, according to VPD, is to LOCK YOUR VEHICLES AND HOMES. If you see something suspicious, call the department immediately.

VPD also advises that outdoor lighting is a deterrent and not to leave valuables in your vehicles. If you experience a vehicle entry theft, report it to the Vermilion Police Department so they can track the thefts.

“And once again, LOCK YOUR VEHICLES,” stated VPD. “These are crimes of opportunity and reducing opportunity helps reduce crime.”

Photo shows suspect. Call VPD with any information.