On Tuesday, October the 1st at 4:40 pm, the Vermilion Police Department was dispatched to the 300 block of Cummings Road in reference to an assault that just occurred. A female reported she heard a knock at her back door. When she opened the door, a male entered and struck her, knocking her down. The male then violently assaulted the female and left the residence without saying a word. The female was transported for medical assistance for injuries sustained in the attack.

The case is under investigation and the Vermilion Police Department ask if anyone observed anything or anyone out of the ordinary in the Cummings Road or Roxboro Road areas to call Det. Steve Davis at (440) 967-6116. The Vermilion Police Department also ask if anyone has security cameras systems that would have recorded in that area to contact the department as well.

The suspect description is as follows:

1. A light skinned African American male

2. 6’0 to 6’1 in height

3. Brown eyes

4. The whites of the eyes had a yellowish tint

5. Dark colored work pants

6. Dark colored shirt

7. Average build, but described as having a developed upper body/biceps

8. Facial covering like a runners mask/ski mask

9. “Musty”/ Body odor smell combined with cat urine