At the Health & Safety Committee Meeting Of January 13, 2020, Chief Hartung reported the training schedules are in place for his department, so officers will be receiving First Aid/CPR/AED (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Automated External Defibrillator) training in March. In addition, Range Fire will be a full week in May, but they’re waiting on a date confirmation. Department use of Force and Defensive Tactics training will be held February 16 and 23 from 10 am to 4 pm. The officers are trained on hand to hand/fighting tactics and what the Department’s rules are for using force in a given situation.

He conveyed that Patrolman Reising was promoted to STEP after his promotion, so he will spend three weeks in Columbus on mid-level management.

He reported that he, along with Sergeant Holmes, will travel down to the State Patrol Academy to give Capstone presentations on January 23, and then they will graduate from the Certified Law Enforcement Executive (CLEE) program on February 7.  He said Captain Graham began his session of CLEE at the State Patrol Academy in December.

Chief Hartung stated they will have some changes within the department, as there will be some retirements.

“Detective Sergeant Davis will be retiring Friday, June 12 and Sergeant Holmes will assume the duties as the Detective Sergeant, so he will be shadowing Sergeant Davis around April,” stated Hartung.

He said Miro will stay as the department’s K-9, but they have a new K-9 being trained and Patrolman Leo Chandler will be the new K-9 handler for the city. 

Hartung said there are still questions on the Sergeant’s Promotional exam, and briefs are being filed and are due February 3 and March 6. They’re on an accelerated briefing schedule, so they should have a resolution to the challenges of the promotional exam before Sergeant Davis’ vacancy

“Hopefully this won’t interfere with any of the operations,” said Chief Hartung.

The Chief said next in line is Deputy Ronald Geary from the Erie County Sheriff’s Department who will tentatively be replacing Sergeant Davis for his retirement, and then Patrolman Zach Scholl who they hired as a part-time officer will replace the next vacancy. He said they are both outstanding individuals, and he feels they will do quite well.

Chief Hartung stated he hasn’t received a response from the law director on the ATV question about the tweaks they have to make for the under-speed vehicles. There is a provision in the Ohio Revised Code that they must quote separately for utilizing ATV’s, which doesn’t fit under the existing section. As soon as this language comes in, he will forward it to Council for consideration of legislation.

He reported on the Cummings Road rape case by stating they received a DNA profile, but it was insufficient to enter into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), which is the database that they enter DNA for. So, this means they have a DNA sample that came back to a male, but they must develop a suspect. Once they develop a suspect, they will get a search warrant to obtain a DNA sample and compare the samples. At this point, they do not have a suspect and the case is considered still pending. He encouraged anyone with information to contact Sergeant Davis.

Steve Herron, President of Council, asked Chief Hartung if his department needs anything with respect to National Mental Illness Training. Chief Hartung said his department is at about 100% training for Crisis Intervention with all their full-time people.

Monica Stark, Council at Large, asked for clarification on insufficient DNA.

“Does this mean that if somebody who committed the crime and is in the system, they would know who it is, or not if they don’t have a prior record,” asked Stark.

Chief Hartung said if the sample is enough to submit to CODIS, then it goes into a database and they search it. If it comes up with a profile, then they will send it to the department saying who it matches. However, the sample came back as a male, but it wasn’t a sample that was sufficient enough to enter it into CODIS, so therefore they must develop a suspect.