At the Vermilion Municipal Planning Commission meeting on October 2, 2019, the Planning Commission discussed Medical Marijuana Zoning. Chairman Heather Shirley said the Planning Commission had been discussing this issue for the last several months regarding making a recommendation to City Council.  In addition, the City Planning Commission had received quite a bit of information and resource material with regards to this issue of which they reviewed outside of their meetings. She said the Planning Commission was prepared to vote on this issue and they would not be opening it up to the audience as there was the opportunity for the community to come forward at the Public Hearing on September 23. Therefore, discussion would be held strictly among the Planning Commission members.

Shirley stated there were two options with regards to making a recommendation to City Council:

1. Prohibited Use - a recommendation to prohibit it all together, and therefore City Council would need to create a prohibited use ordinance if they agree with the recommendation.

2. Recommend Zoning to City Council - "conditional use" zoning that would determine what type of current zoning guidelines it would fit into, or the creation of unique zoning for this.

She asked the Planning Commission members if they had further discussion or questions on this topic.  The members did not have additional input.

Joe Williams moved, and Shirley seconded, to make a recommendation to the Vermilion City Council to pursue the prohibitive use option. Williams said one reason for not doing this was financial reasons – the City would have some gain if they did it, but in his mind, it didn't make it strong enough. 

The motion was approved unanimously to recommend to the Vermilion City Council to pursue the prohibitive use option.