A third reading of a Sweepstakes Terminal Cafes Ordinance took place at the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, February 3, 2020. Ordinance 2019-67 would have amended Section 878.04 (a) and (C) entitled "License Fees" of Chapter 878 entitled "Sweepstakes Terminal Cafes" of the Codified Ordinances Of Vermilion, Ohio. The amendments would have increased the fee of each computerized device license to $37.00 per device, per month, and increase the fee of a replacement license to $20.00 from $15.00.

Council Member Frank Loucka moved, Council Member Steve Holovacs seconded, to adopt the ordinance by emergency.

Council Member Barb Brady said she had a problem supporting the ordinance because they're picking on one business, and doesn't see that taxing them more makes sense. She stated she would not support it for this reason.

Steve Herron, Council President, said he fundamentally agreed in the sense that it's a legitimate business and they have a right to be in the city and conduct business. However, there are businesses that do require an additional amount of enforcement and he didn't think these increases were outside the realm of what other communities are requesting. He didn't think they were prohibitive, so he did support the increase in the license fee.

Council Members Loucka, Stark, and Herron voted yea. Holovacs, Brady, Skahen voted nay. The motion failed.