At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, October 28, 2019 Mayor Forthofer reported that the Mapleview Ditch was the subject of a Lorain County Commissioner’s meeting on October 22, again.

“For those who are not aware, this is a storm drainage ditch that runs along the border of Vermilion and Brownhelm Township parallel to Rolling Meadows Drive off West River Road,” stated the mayor. “The final County Engineer’s report for reconstructing the ditch was submitted to the Commissioners.”

The cost for the project is $98,609. The Commissioner’s accepted the plan contingent on current negotiations for the County to purchase a 5-acre parcel of land on West River Road in Brownhelm Township adjacent to the ditch. The proposed cost is $50,000. The parcel will allow the County to access the ditch for construction and maintenance.

“It is the less costly way to ensure access rather without engaging in litigation with the owner over an easement,” said Mayor Forthofer. “The county could sell part or all the parcel after construction.”

The cost of the project is planned to be split between the project cost and another fund.

“Probably waste water,” said the mayor. “My concern is that, if Vermilion residents are assessed for the project cost including the purchase of the property, if the County sells off all or part of the parcel in the future, will Vermilion residents receive an adjustment? I plan to attend future meetings.”