At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, February 24, 2020, Mayor Forthofer reported on high water, future ice, the Coronavirus, Fire Department exercises, and cell phone reception.

Fire Department Exercises

The mayor stated that residents had asked what was going on at the old land bank building and future site of George’s Roofing on Liberty over the weekend. According to the mayor, the Vermilion Fire Department was conducting training exercises with the permission of Kevin Boggs who purchased the property. Mr. Boggs offered the site to VFD for training before he demolishes the eyesore, which Chief Stempowski said shows signs of falling on its own. Chief Stempowski will report training details at the Safety Committee meeting next week.

Water Department

Water Department personnel are taking advantage of the snowless weather to do routine maintenance and check meters. These personnel may be in your yards looking into the meter pits. They will not ask to enter your home without an appointment through the water department.

Higher Water

Army Corps of Engineer forecasts water levels this summer to be higher than last year. February levels are approximately 5.5 inches above last year’s level. All communities up and down the lake shore is feeling the effects. The City of Vermilion is in contact with different government bureaus. 

Future Ice

Also, in discussion with Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Geological Survey regarding passive ice breaking in the Vermilion River. Despite this mild winter we will have ice again. One of the unique factors that Vermilion needs to negotiate when considering passive ice breaking devices is the high volume of summer boat traffic.


At LC Mayor’s and Manager’s meeting, the mayor heard presentations from the State on Coronavirus threats and preparedness. Most government prevention is at ports of entry. Preparedness plans are constructed by states in coordinating with county health departments. Influenza is still a much greater impact on US Citizens. The current flu shot is exceptionally effective this year. Coronavirus has some impact on American business who have China in their supply chain. There are no immediate actions municipalities are being asked to take other than the usual anti-flu protocols, vaccinations, hand washing, etc.


LifeCare IT Support is working in close collaboration with Verizon as Verizon makes city wide improvements to cell reception and decisions are being made to first responder communication systems.