At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, March 2, 2020 Amy Hendricks, Finance Director, provided City Council with a revised copy of the Appropriations and Certificate of Estimated Resources, which must be submitted to the County by March 15, 2020. The changes include: 

1. Funds 207 +$275,000 and Fund 508 +$ 14,672.73 reflect adjustments for the contract just signed this morning with the GMP for the new fire station project.

2. Fund 101 +$7,730 for final renewals of property, fleet and liability policies for 2020. 

Steve Herron, Council President, said he noticed in the budget that the Tree Commission has not been allotted any funds and respects the Administration's position and the uncertainty of the budget involving ongoing contract negotiations. He asked if the administration could possibly allocate funds.

“It previously was funded at $20,000 and was cut to $10,000, and now it's at zero and last year it was zero too because of dire financial issues that were represented to Council by the administration,” said Herron.

At this point, he asked the administration to at least find about $5,000 for the Tree Commission, and then they can revisit it in June or July because he doesn't think they're in the same financial straits as they were.

“The volunteers of the Tree Commission work very hard and I would hate the lack of funding be a basis for losing the Tree City USA, which is a possibility,” stated Herron. “The Tree City USA is an important distinction that the city has, and it does reflect the city's values, so I simply ask the administration to do this.”

Hendricks said they can make revisions at any future meeting.

Herron said it's a safety, aesthetic and critical part of the city's infrastructure.