At the Health & Safety Committee Meeting On October 21, 2019, Police Chief Hartung reported that the city will need to eventually revisit the Golf Cart/ATV issue as a result of some titling issues that came up with some individuals.

Chief Hartung stated the Ohio Revised Code 4511.215 gives the city the authority to have golf carts, mini trucks, and utility vehicles, and permit them to operate on the road. Some of the vehicles are classified as APB’s (All Purpose Vehicles), so under ORC 4511.215 that the city operates their ordinance, APB’s cannot be permitted to drive anywhere on the city streets. However, ORC 4519.49 gives the city the authority to regulate snowmobiles, dirt bikes, or APV’s anyway the city sees fit.

Chief Hartung stated some of the vehicles the city permits to operate in the 45 mph zone, but per city ordinance golf carts cannot exceed 35 mph, but there is no restriction as far as ORC 4519.49, so he asked the law director to look into a couple things on this matter as they will need to tweak the ordinance eventually. He will refer it to the clerk once the law director gets back to him.

Chairwoman Barb Brady asked if this would limit the use of these vehicles and Chief Hartung said no, as they will just need to tweak some of the verbiage.