An ordinance to adopt a moratorium on applications for, and the granting of, zoning certificates for using any building in Vermilion for the cultivation, processing, distribution or sale of medical marijuana has been adopted by the City of Vermilion. The moratorium will last for a period not to exceed six months. The City will use the time to review applicable state and local laws, and to plan for regulations relating to such uses.

After deliberation, a public hearing, discussion and review, the Planning Commission voted 3-0 to prohibit medical marijuana, the cultivation, sale and distribution anywhere in any of Vermilion’s zoning codes on October 21, 2019. While City Council usually never overturns a board decision, several council members have expressed that they disagree with the recommendation, or that they feel the issue should be put on the ballot for the voters to decide.

The First Reading of Ordinance 2019-75, a marijuana moratorium, took place during the Vermilion City Council meeting on Monday, December 2, 2019 and was declared an emergency. Council Member Steve Holovacs moved, and Council Member Frank Loucka seconded, to suspend the rules. 6 Members voted YEA. Council Member Barb Brady voted NAY. The motion carried.

Holovacs moved, and Loucka seconded, to adopt the ordinance by emergency.

Steve Herron, Council President, noted that on January 7, 2020 the current moratorium will expire. He said the moratorium can always be rescinded by another ordinance.

5 council members voted YEA. Brady and John Gabriel voted NAY. The motion carried.