At the Vermilion Parks & Recreation Board meeting of January 21, 2020, Chairman Terry Parker announced that a subcommittee consisting of Parker, Mayor Forthofer, Tony Valerius, Brian Holmes, Bob Cunicella and Marc Weisenberger has been formed to deal with questions about the community pool. They had their first meeting that evening.

Parker stated they have a tentative plan to operate the pool this year, with a minimum of capital expense, while they spend the next 12 months doing a strategic plan, gathering community input, looking at data trends in population, finding out what people are really looking for in a pool, and having it professionally evaluated so they have an idea on what kind of life span they can expect. They will meet monthly in advance of the Parks Board meetings.

Board Member Warden asked what the story was behind the questionnaire they put together. Parker said it was an attempt to start somewhere, and they have looked at things other communities have done which includes their strategic process, plans, and data gathered from their residents. They want to get as much input as possible, and they haven’t determined the end-result yet.