At the Vermilion Parks & Recreation Board meeting of January 21, 2020, Chairman Terry Parker said members from the Harbor View Project subcommittee and the administration had an informal conversation with the ‘Concerned Citizens’ who are working to save the Harbor View Mansion.

“It was a cordial meeting, and they received their input and vice versa,” said Parker.

He, along with the mayor, made it clear that they have a plan that is in motion for the area. The plan includes demolition of the Harbor View Mansion. They asked the 'Concerned Citizens' group to submit some type of a business plan for what they are hoping to do, but to be aware that their plan is in motion.

“These are good folks who are working hard for something they believe in,” said Parker.

Mayor Forthofer said where they are today didn’t just happen.

“This is a combination about nine years of continuous meetings, plans, research, and architectural appraisals,” stated the mayor. “It’s sort of late in the game, but they’re still interested in whatever anyone has to say as ‘Concerned Citizens’ have good hearts. But in the end, they need to know whether they can make it work or not.”

Parker said the decision for the complete demolition was made in December of 2017 in the Parks Board meeting. This has not been a secret, and they have held public meetings. He feels the ‘Concerned Citizens’ activity was stimulated by their July discussion regarding fundraising. He said they’re fighting the calendar, and they’ve got a long way to go, but at least they are having good dialogue and they will continue to do so.

Parker reported that he, along with representatives of the committee, the mayor, and Brad Scholtz have a meeting scheduled with Western Reserve Land Conservancy for January 31 regarding the Harbor View Project. They have made application for state capital budget money, and they are pursuing several grants. They must do some local match, and there will be private donation fundraising. They will hit the heavier donors first. The intent is to start in February, so there should be a report at the February parks meeting.