At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, February 3, 2020 Mayor Forthofer reported that Linwood Park Company has informed the city that their lease client Burger King is vacating their lease. Vermilion's Burger King will close on June 30th.

“The building will be torn down,” stated the mayor.

Mayor Forthofer explained that the triangular property next door to Burger King is also is owned by Linwood Park.

“The small size of the triangular property has made it hard to market,” said the mayor. “But, combined with the old Burger King land, Linwood Park Company has 2.35 acres of prime marketable land on the corner of Liberty and Vermilion Road overlooking Dairy Dock and the Lagoons. Linwood is making arrangements with commercial property marketers and has asked me to help find a project beneficial to the city for this spot.”