Mayor Forthofer reports that better cell phone reception is on the way for Vermilion's east end.

"We are working with Verizon engineers who are being very proactive in making improvements to cell reception in Vermilion's 'dead zone'," stated the mayor. "As micro cells from City Hall to VFD Station 2 are activated, you should start seeing improved reception."

A full sized new cell will be placed on the monotower at Liberty and Overlook in 2020, according to the mayor.

"That should be the big fix," said the mayor.

At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, January 6, 2020, Mayor Forthofer reported that representatives from Verizon met with the city's IT manager, Richard Pozywak, and the mayor at the site of VFD Station 2 on December 27th. Verizon plans to locate a mini cell on the site to boost cell reception in the VOL area. Once placed, the mini cell will provide improved reception for only a 12 mile radius.

“This placement of mini cells and others will chip away at the dead zone until Plan A can be achieved in 2020,” stated the mayor. “Plan A now seems likely. Plan A is placement of a full-strength cell on the monotower at Overlook and Liberty.”

“Both the mini and full-size cell placements are in the hands of Verizon's real-estate department and our friends in the legal community,” said the mayor.