Mayor Forthofer reports that another clean up on East Liberty in Vermilion is in progress.

“That ugly, condemned multi unit at 2350 East Liberty is coming down...FINALLY!” stated Mayor Forthofer, referring to the building between Hellen and Kishman streets on the north side of Liberty.

“Kevin Boggs, owner of George's Roofing, bought the land,” said the mayor. “He will tear down the condemned multi unit, blue building in a month or so. He will then renovate the large building to the west. It will become George's Roofing offices and shop.”

“Mr. Boggs will clean it up inside and out...yes, it will get a new roof,” said Mayor Forthofer.

According to the mayor, the City of Vermilion will do everything it can to assist Mr. Boggs as he adds yet another piece of improved property to the East Liberty Corridor.