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At the Streets, Buildings & Grounds Meeting on November 18, 2019 Mayor Forthofer said he has been talking with Verizon Wireless about the possibility of improving the city’s dead zone. Through some examinations by the administration, they concluded the dead zone is significant (2.5-mile area of no coverage to bad cell phone reception) which includes about 3,000 of the city’s population (1/3 of the total population of Vermilion).

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Before 9/11, there was Pearl Harbor. A remembrance ceremony of the "Day Which Will Live In Infamy" will be held Saturday, December 7, 2019 at noon. The service will be held at Vermilion's South Street Boat Launch off West River Road. Sponsored by the Vermilion Veteran's Council and President Angus Bartlett, the observance is scheduled to be a brief 15 minutes.

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At the November 18, 2019 Council Committee Meeting, Mayor Forthofer recommended that Council not purse a resident's recommendation to create a quiet zone that would permanently close Sunnyside Road. The Mayor cited compromised safety responses, a 5.4 mile detour, a low underpass on the detour route and the lack of north south access.

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The City of Vermilion Police Department is reminding Vermilion residents that the overnight parking ban begins December 1st and goes until March 31st. Warnings will be issued for the first week. 452.14 ALL NIGHT PARKING DURING WINTER MONTHS. (a) During the period from December 1 of each year to March 31 of each succeeding year, no person shall park a motor vehicle on public streets and thoroughfares in the City.

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Kingston of Vermilion honored veterans on Veterans Day with help from Melvin Sayler from Stein Hospice. Kingston held a special pinning ceremony and each veteran received a certificate presented by Mayor Forthofer for their service. "As Mayor there is no greater honor than to personally thank some of our most senior veterans on their special day," stated Mayor Forthofer.

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At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, November 4, 2019 Amy Hendricks, Finance Director, reported that as they approach the end of the year she continues to work on revising the projections for 2020. It appears the city is going to have just under $6,000,000 in revenue for the general fund without any additional sources of revenue.

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At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, November 4, 2019, Monica Stark, Council At Large, asked the law director if he was familiar with drone legislation and if Vermilion City Council should start looking at an ordinance. Ken Stumphauzer, Law Director, replied that this is an interesting topic and he understands that once drones leave the ground they are regulated by the FAA.

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At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, November 4, 2019, Vermilion resident Jim Machkoff, of 1087 Nautical Drive, said he wanted to present a proposal to Council of which he would like discussed at the committee meetings on November 18. He said he has had several discussions with Senator Gavarone and Matt Diedrich.

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Republic Services is picking up leaves in the city of Vermilion, according to Mayor Forthofer. Leaves must be in bio-degradable yard waste bags and placed upright at the curb on your regular weekly waste pick up day. There is no limit to the number of bags you may set out per week.

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The monthly Republic bulk pick up will be Wednesday, November 6 in the City of Vermilion, according to Mayor Forthofer. “Go ahead and haul out the Big Stuff!” stated the mayor. “Don't put those rusted lawn chairs through another winter.”

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At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, October 28, 2019, Mayor Forthofer reported that he is continuing efforts to convert a salvage yard on the east end of the city to a Vermilion Lakefront Park. “The Salvage Yard at the entrance to Vermilion has been on my active list for 22 months now."

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At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, October 28, 2019 Mayor Forthofer reported that the Mapleview Ditch was the subject of a Lorain County Commissioner’s meeting on October 22, again. For those who are not aware, this is a storm drainage ditch that runs along the border of Vermilion and Brownhelm Township.

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Discover Vermilion Ohio

Vermilion, Ohio is the crowning jewel of the south shore of Lake Erie. From quaint shops to fine dining, the arts, entertainment and unmatched festivities, Vermilion truly has it all. Be reminded of a simpler time when an afternoon at the beach, a hand-dipped ice cream cone and a stroll along Main Street made your day special. Stay for a day, maybe two, and take home a memory that will last forever.

Downtown Vermilion

Downtown Vermilion, Ohio, "Harbour Town", is home to dozens of retail shops, restaurants, professional businesses, marinas, accommodations and tourist activities. Main Street Beach is a public swimming beach in downtown Vermilion, Ohio on the north end of Main Street. The Vermilion Lighthouse is located next to Main Street Beach in downtown Vermilion, Ohio.

Vermilion Parks & Beaches

Vermilion Ohio is home to several beautiful parks and beaches. Enjoy a picnic, a scenic hike, a bike ride, beautiful views, fabulous sunsets, playgrounds, sports activities, a dip in the water, botanical gardens and more at Vermilion's parks and beaches.

Main Street Beach

Main Street Beach is a public swimming beach in downtown Vermilion, Ohio on the north end of Main Street. Main Street Beach features an observation deck, a kayak/canoe launch, benches, an ADA mobility mat, and a concession stand.

Vermilion Ohio Lighthouse

The Vermilion Lighthouse is a replica of the original lighthouse that was later moved to Lake Ontario. Known as the "Town of Sea Captains," Vermilion was without a lighthouse for 63 yrs. The lighthouse is located next to Main Street Beach in downtown Vermilion, Ohio.

Vermilion Ohio Recreation

Swimmers of all ages enjoy our sandy beaches located in Historic Downtown Vermilion and either side of the city. Recreational boating of every kind, jet skis, canoeing, and sail boats adorn the Vermilion harbor, where ship building was once the major industry.

Attractions & Events

Free concerts, outdoor movies, museums, galleries and more are offered throughout the year in Vermilion, Ohio and surrounding areas. Discover all the arts and entertainment that Vermilion has to offer. Discover Vermilion Ohio's Arts & Entertainment.

Vermilion River & Lake Erie

The Vermilion River, which flows into Lake Erie, endows marina facilities with more than 1,000 boat slips and ramps for easy access to the Lake, earning Vermilion the title of the “Largest Small Boat Harbour on the Great Lakes.” Lake freighters are a regular sight on Lake Erie making their way through the Great Lakes.

Boat Ramps & Guest Docks

Vermilion Ohio invites you to visit our public guest docks and boat ramps. You are in the center of Vermilion's historical district and within easy walking distance of many quaint specialty shops, groceries, ice, restaurants, fast food, historical homes, overnight accommodations, professional services and the beach.

Ultimate Railfan Destination

Trains began running through Vermilion, Ohio starting in 1853. For over 140 years the rumbling, roaring, shaking, screaming tornados have rushed through the quiet village. Ships have come and gone in this little city by the sea, but they were never the acoustic monsters like the trains which roll along like wild demons in a race. Freight of all kinds flies through the city, and as far as we can foresee, it will continue for 140 more years. Such is life in a railroad town.

Vermilion Ohio History

History tells us that the Erie Indians lived along the south shore of Lake Erie until their murderous extinction by the warlike Iroquois from upper New York State in 1655. Then around 1700 the Ottawas, Hurons (Wyandottes) and Chippewas gradually returned to the area for furs to sell to the French traders until they too were pushed out of their hunting and trapping grounds by the pioneering white man. Few Indians remained by 1800. One historian said, "Lake Shore Ohio was an Indian borderland. Indian habitation was a nervous, restless one punctuated by wars, international rivalries and disasters."

Vermilion Ohio Events

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